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Our Services

Matrix on Board Consulting provides customised solutions to non-profits and to governments, funders and other stakeholders.


We are well regarded for our understanding of what drives sustainability and strength in non-profits. Our services include strategic planning, organisational capacity, program evaluation, governance review and development, HR and workplace development, feasibility studies and policies and procedures.


Our ongoing success is based on a set of five approaches established by our founding partners and incorporated into our work.

How we Help

We assist non-profits in all stages of development: from initial start-up,

and during times of growth, development and change.

Governance and Board Development

  • Best practice governance advice & framework
  • Understanding Governance workshops
  • Board evaluation & collaboration
  • Compliance & risk management

Strategic and Business Planning

  • Strategy development and goal setting
  • Align mission and strategies
  • Strategy monitoring and management reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement

Organisation Review

  • Service and program improvement
  • Organisation design and structure
  • Governance and management structure
  • Align organisation practice with strategy
  • Organisation viability and sustainability

Capacity Assessment and Development Plan

  • Review capacity using McKinsey’s research-based benchmarks
  • Engaging key stakeholders
  • Capacity development plan

Program Evaluation

  • Development of evaluation framework
  • Development of data collection tools
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Consultation and engagement with stakeholders
  • Comprehensive independent evaluation report

Policies & Procedures

  • Re-align your non-profit to new sector standards
  • Identify policy and procedure gaps
  • Engage staff in development & implementation of new policies & procedures
  • Improve your organisational compliance and practice

Feasibility Studies

  • Business analysis of start ups and ventures
  • Review market opportunities
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial viability & sustainability

Partnerships, Strategic Alliances & Transitions

  • Collaboration in the delivery of services
  • Partnerships in programs
  • MOUs between non-profits
  • Assisting non-profits when funding significantly reduced or increased
  • Assisting non-profits to close down

HR Strategy and Workforce Development

  • Development of HR policies and procedures
  • Review & design of position descriptions
  • CEO performance review
  • Leadership development of new managers
  • Executive coaching

Workshops & Webinars

  • Accessible approach
  • Sector specific and customised
  • Relevant, operational examples
  • Designed to build capacity

Accredited Training

  • Registered training organisations
  • Community Services
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Online training >
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