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Workshops and Webinars

Our workshop and webinar content has been developed from years of experience and uses relevant case studies and examples.

You can have a workshop customised and delivered for your Board and a group of non-profits, or you may wish to attend a Workshop or Webinar that we are running.

See below our Upcoming Events for dates, venues and to reserve your spot.

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Our Courses

We run a number of workshops in several locations across Australia, as well as free online webinars.
Please use the calendar below to find out more information about our upcoming workshop and webinars.

Good Governance
for Non-Profit Boards & Managers

Good governance contributes to a successful non-profit organisation and understanding the key elements of non-profit governance is vital to your organisation’s sustainability.

This workshop provides a detailed overview of the specific duties and responsibilities required for good governance of a successful non-profit Board.


Good Governance
for Indigenous Boards & Managers

This workshop is a suite of three-hour modules specifically designed with and for Indigenous Boards.

The delivery method uses oral storytelling, pictures and visuals and we reference existing indigenous governance systems. The content is adapted to suit varying English literacy and numeracy levels.

New Leaders
in Non-Profits:
Cultivating New Managers

Do your new leaders motivate, enthuse and support their teams?

Too often people are placed in supervisory or management roles because they are good at their job, not because they can lead people. Leadership requires a whole different set of skills, which many workers don’t have naturally. This two day workshop provides practical insights and approaches to effectively lead a workplace team.

Risk Management
for Non-Profits

Reputation, culture, finance, fraud, compliance…all of these are real risks facing the viability of non-profit organisations everyday.

Reviewing these risks with your Board and Senior Managers will enable you to identify all compliance and operational risks within your organisation and assess the likelihood, impact and how to mitigate them.

for Non-Profits

Are you in a competitive sector and need to distinguish yourself?

This workshop will help your Board, management and staff to define your organisation’s value proposition and work through the 7Ps – Product (or Service), Price, Place, Promotion, Positioning, People & Plan.

Understanding Financial Reports for Non-Profit Boards & Managers

This course will improve your ability to understand financial reports including the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Budget reports.

Understanding financial reports helps you manage solvency and risk issues and increases your ability to use financial information to make strategic decisions for your organisation.

Good Governance for Non-Profit Boards and Understanding Financials

This 1-day workshop provides non-profit Board members with the foundation governance principles and financial knowledge to feel confident in their roles as Board members and know what questions to ask.


Free Webinars

We run a number of free webinars for CEOs, Board members, senior managers, government, philanthropists and businesses interested in thinking differently about tackling complex social problems.

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