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Want To Work With A Remote Community? Our 9-point Checklist Can Help

Do you have what it takes to work on a remote community? Before you swap your lattes for long distances you should use our 9-point checklist to find out. The heat can be deadly, the isolation daunting, the bugs... Read more

Transforming Vulnerable Organisations

Winding up your non-profit is a last resort for vulnerable organisations. It is a very difficult decision to make. Plus it can be difficult to know when and how to do it. This post considers strategies for a... Read more

Matrix on Board Consulting and Community 21 Presents: Diversifying Revenue Series Part 3: Power of Patient Capital – Social Benefit Bonds & Impact Investing

Overview Social Impact (or Benefit) Bonds combine impact measurement and the economic value of successful programs with financial institutions, investors, government and community sector organisations. Private and... Read more

What’s All This Fuss About Social Investment And Finance?

It’s too risky for you not to know about social finance No matter how small your organisation, your board should be informing itself about what’s going on in social finance in Australia. This overview explains... Read more

Tips for creating a strong social media campaign

Is your non-profit’s dream to create a social media campaign that goes viral? Are you hoping social media will help you raise the next $1 million to further your cause? While I’d never say give up your dreams (we... Read more

What Values Shape Your Non-Profit Board’s Culture?

Corporatisation is changing how many Australian non-profit boards operate—but it shouldn’t change the defining values and culture that have made the sector and its organisations unique. As the lines between... Read more

Matrix on Board Consulting and Community 21 Presents: Diversifying Revenue Series Part 2: Power of Partnerships – Creating Great Relationships

Now more than ever, non profit organisations are looking for ways to diversify their sources of revenue. The emergence of innovations in technology, the banking and investment sectors are providing interesting and... Read more

Matrix on Board Consulting and Community 21 Presents: Diversifying Revenue Series Part 1: Power of the People – The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding

Overview Just about every non profit is seeking to reduce their dependence on increasingly uncertain government funding. In the past revenue sources were limited to government, foundations, donation drives and... Read more

How to Create & Deliver Board Papers in only 2-Hours (not 2-Days)

How much time do you currently spend creating and delivering board papers to your Board? Half a day? A day? 2-Days? Longer? What if you could create and deliver your Board’s meeting materials in just... Read more

Corporate Partnerships

Shared value partnerships help to address social challenges Non-profits and for-profit corporations are joining forces to address society’s pressing needs and challenges, putting paid to the idea that you... Read more


Crowdfunding is trending – but what are the pluses and minuses? More and more non-profits are turning to crowdfunding as an alternative source of funding. But before your non-profit joins the hordes, it’s... Read more

The Importance of a Good Board Induction

Why are good board member inductions so important? An effective induction is essential for a new board member if they are to understand their role and how your non-profit works. A good orientation is also critical... Read more

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